Director of Safewater Lines Shares Insights in Exclusive Interview with CEO Insights

November 28, 20230

Safewater Lines, a leading logistics solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its Director, Arun Hegde, was recently featured in an exclusive interview published on CEO Insights. This platform provides business ideas to CEOs, C-Suite Executives, and other business decision-makers for their business growth.


Strategic Insight:

In this interview, Arun Hegde taps into the logistics world, providing invaluable perspectives on the industry’s current state. He expounds on Safewater Lines’ adaptive strategies, carefully crafted to meet the dynamic needs of customers and the evolving market.


Crucial Takeaways:

  1. Expertise: Safewater Lines, established in 2005 and headquartered in Mumbai, has strategically expanded its footprint to key cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. Rapidly responding to market dynamics, the company extended its reach to North America, earning recognition among the top 10 forwarders by volume, as affirmed by JOC statistics. With 16 strategically positioned branch offices and a dedicated team of over 250 professionals across India and the USA, Safewater Lines has solidified its position in the logistics sector
  2. Vision-  Arun Hegde outlines his perspective on the future of logistics in the interview, emphasizing the pivotal role of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions in shaping the industry.
  3. Corporate Commitment: Hegde underscores Safewater Lines commitment to excellence, reflecting the company’s dedication to responsible business operations.

In an excerpt from the interview – Arun Hegde asserts, “Our commitment extends beyond merely transporting goods; we are devoted to delivering value to our customers and the communities we serve, pushing the boundaries of what logistics can achieve.”


About Arun Hegde:

Arun Hegde has steered Safewater Lines playing a pivotal role in its remarkable growth and success. Hegde is acknowledged as a visionary leader in the logistics industry.


About Safewater Lines-

For 18 years, Safewater Lines has been a prominent player in the logistics sector, providing end-to-end solutions and exceeding customer expectations consistently.



Read the full interview with Arun Hegde on CEO Insights Arun Hegde: Indomitable Spirit Empowering Teams, Fueling Success, & Exceeding Client Expectations | CEOInsights Vendor 

For more information on Safewater Lines and its services, please visit Safewater Lines 

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