5 Things you need to know about air freight

October 29, 20220

According to IATA, one-third of all international trade value is transported by air, accounting for $6.8 trillion of goods annually. When it comes to transport, there are many reasons why air transport is the preferred one over roads and oceans, one of them is speed. In addition, some of the main advantages include the opportunity to grow business rapidly, serve customers in the fastest way possible, cater to the increasing demands quickly, etc. 

Considering that today’s customers expect top-quality service along with its product, having them delivered in a timely fashion is extremely important. In addition, some products such as food or medicine go stale/bad if they are not delivered on time. In such cases, air transport becomes a very convenient option. 

We have compiled a list of things you must know about air freight and transporting goods so that you can make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right method. 

5 Things you need to know about air freight

The charges are as per the weight.

Air shipping charges are based on the weight of your products. On the other hand, while shipping through the ocean, it depends on the space taken on the container. Therefore, if you are shipping items that are light in weight, this is your best option. 

The transition time is less.

Considering the usual commute time, it is natural that transporting via air is much faster than any other method. When a general transit time for air cargo is one to two days, it can take many days in alternative methods. 

There are a few commodity restrictions.

Owing to safety and security reasons, there are rules and regulations that are applicable to businesses. Items such as hazardous materials are not permitted on passenger flights, however, they can be shipped through cargo-only flights. Beginning from certain chemicals to compressible gas such as fire extinguishers and biomedical produce or waste, there are some items that are not allowed on a commercial plane, and only some of these are allowed on a cargo plane. 

There are options for air shipping.

Considering there are different types of flights, it is only fair to assume that you’ll get certain options, however, it highly depends on your cargo. For example, if you have cargo that is extensive, you may have an entire plane to yourself so that you get the liberty to choose essentials such as time and location. In other cases, you can ship your products through a consolidated flight where you share the flight with other companies too. It is important to note that a consolidated shipment can be placed in the cargo hold of a commercial flight or on a cargo-only plane. 

There are a few drawbacks to consider too.

Although air transport is a great way, it also is one of the ways that pollute the air contributing to global warming. Therefore, at times, it is not an ecologically correct decision. If you want to limit your carbon footprint, it is best to understand and choose appropriate methods for your respective shipping requirements. 

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